Sunday, September 23, 2007


The most important aspect of being a good journalist is being a pleasent reporter. This is very important, because if the reporter is not pleasesnt when talking to their sources they will not get good information, and in return they will not be a credible journalist. It is also important that a journalist gets both sides to a story, and so this means they most be tolerant of other peoples ideas. They can't let their own personal views be seen in their writing or reporting. Once again, these are the most important elements of a credible journalists career. Journalists have to be thankful for the information that their sources give them, because in return their sources may offer them more information that will make their stories even bette. If a journalist wasn't pleasent, they might let their own beliefs and opinions slip into their reports, and they would in turn lose credibility. Bottom line, a journalist cannot be credible without being pleasent.

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